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What is PhysiciansHR? How can I benefit from it?

PhysiciansHR is an online platform that any health clinic can use in order to assist their clients in assessing the proper nutritional and herbal nutrition for their current symptoms, if you are a pro[...]

August 4, 2016
Team Work

PhysiciansHR Supports Team Work, Learn How

Our platform supports team work! Your staff can use clinic services to work with your clients at different stages of their assessment process. For example, your receptionist can work on sending invita[...]

August 5, 2016
Survey Statistics

How to use symptoms survey in the best way possible

The first thing your clients should be doing after signing up is filling out a symptoms survey. PhysiciansHR creates a survey automatically after clients sign up (unless you change the preferences set[...]

August 4, 2016
Credit Card

Complete flexibility in the way you charge your clients

Like any other business, it is important to be able to collect charges for the services you offer to your clients. We at PhysiciansHR understand this and are offering many options that give you the fl[...]

August 5, 2016

Need something on paper? We got your back!

We realize the importance of documentation. PhysiciansHR offers professional looking reports that cover all the areas that you can work on with your client. You can print their survey, nutritional rec[...]

August 5, 2016