Clinic Website

How to setup your clinic webpage?

Setting up your clinic profile is very important to the success of your service at PhysiciansHR, here the steps to do:

  • Go to PhysiciansHR
  • Sign in with your account details.
  • In the menu on the left side, click on “Preferences”

Clinic Profile Editing

  • In the clinic profile there will be 4 main sections:
    • Clinic Header
    • About
    • Addresses
    • Contact Info
  • Start by clicking the “Edit” button in the Clinic Header.
  • A panel will appear on the right side called “Edit Clinic Info”
  • In the panel you can set your logo, specify your clinic name, email address, website and set the about info.
  • When done, click the “Save” button at the bottom to save your changes.
  • We also recommend adding an Address and Contact Info, you can add multiple entries if you need to.
  • All of the previous information will show up on your clinic website public page, you can access it by clicking on your clinic logo or name in top corner on the left.

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Client Invite

How to add clients?

Clients can join your clinic by visiting your clinic website and start the sign up process. You can also make easier for them to sign up by sending them an invitation with the following steps:

Send Client Invitation Gif

  • Go to PhysiciansHR
  • Sign in with your account details.
  • In the menu on the left side, click on “Clients”
  • If you have no clients yet, go to the section called “Invite clients to sign up …”.
  • Enter your client’s email address in the box with content “Enter the client email” and edit the message with any additional information, then click “Send Invitation”
  • An invitation email will be sent to your client where they can sign up under your clinic website.
  • After your client finishes their sign up, they will have access to their profile and you will get a notification about their successful registration.
  • If you have preference settings to send new clients a survey upon creating an account, your clients will receive an email prompting them to complete a survey.

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Clinic Employees

How to add employees?

You can add employees to your clinic by sending them invitations using the following steps:

  • Go to PhysiciansHR
  • Sign in with your account details.
  • In the menu on the left side, click on “Clinic Employees”
  • Click the button next to the search box on the left side called “Invite Employee”, a box will show up asking for email address.
  • Fill in the email address and click invite, an invitation email will be sent to your client and they can sign up as client under your website.
  • Your new employee will have full access to your clinic website and will be able to do any action that the clinic owner can do.

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Employee Working

How to allow my employees to fill out a survey?

Employees can also fill out survey forms but they need to have a client profile to do this, however they do not need to sign up as a client, you can quickly create a client account for any employee by following these steps:

  • Go to PhysiciansHR
  • Sign in with your account details.
  • In the menu on the left side, click on “Clinic Employees”
  • Go to the card of the employee that you want to create a client for and click on the card top right corner that has 3 diagonal lines in it, the card will flip on its back and if that employee does not have a client account already an option will appear called “Create Client”.

Create Client for Employee Gif

  • Create the “Create Client” option, the card will be refreshed and if this is your own account, an option will show up called “Switch to Client”, this option allows you to sign in as a client and fill out a survey for your self.

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Payment Method

How to add a payment method?

PhysiciansHR needs to charge your clinic for the services that we offer, those are automated survey processing and supplement recommendation and also handling product orders that are directly shipped out from our suppliers, in order for this to work properly and depending on how you would like to handle payments, your clinic or your clients will be asked to add at least one valid payment method in the payment settings section, this payment method will be automatically used when your clients submits their survey or their orders that are directly shipped from our suppliers.

To add a payment method, follow these steps:

  • In the menu on the left side, click on “Payment Settings”
  • Under “Payment Methods” section, click the button “Add Payment Methods”.
  • A panel will appear on the right side, click “Add Payment Method” button.
  • A form will appear asking for payment method details, enter valid details and then click the “Save” button.

Clinic Adding Payment Method From Payment Settings Gif

  • No card details will be saved by PhysiciansHR and all the payment processing is done by Stripe which is one of the best PCI compliant and most trusted payment processors available.
  • You payment method will be stored by stripe and will only be used for the survey reports that you create for your client, your card will not be charged without using our services.


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How to connect an account with Stripe?

You can charge your clients manually or with any other means without using our system, however, PhysiciansHR allows you to charge your clients using our online payments platform. In order to have this ability, you need to setup an account with Stripe, or connect an existing one if you already have an account.

To connect PhysiciansHR with stripe, follow these steps:

Clinic Connect Stripe Account Gif

  • Go to PhysiciansHR
  • Sign in with your account details.
  • In the menu on the left side, click on “Payment Settings”
  • Under “Accept Clients Payments Online” section, click the button “Connect with Stripe”.
  • Clicking this button takes you to Stripe’s registration or account connection forms.
  • Continue sign up at Stripe, or select to connect an existing account if you already have one.
  • When your done, your clinic will be already linked with your Stripe account and you will be taken to the main clinic website.
  • In the menu on the left side, click on “Payment Settings” so you review your Stripe connected account.

Once you have your connected account setup, there are multiple options you can change:

Clinic Payment Settings

  • You can activate or deactivate “Accept Clients Payments Online” to enable or disable accepting payments from your clients.
  • You can use the activate or deactivate option “New clients pay online,” which defines whether your new clients will be asked to pay online for your services or if they will be paying you directly without using our online payment services.
  • You can define the default survey price by going to “Survey Report Price” section and clicking the “Set your fee” button. There, you can determine the default price you charge your clients for survey processing. You will have an overview of the fees that PhysiciansHR and Stripe requires and view the final amount that your clinic will be receiving.

Clinic Setting Survey Payment Details Gif

  • Notice that the survey report price that you set here is still customizable for each report that you create and you can change it for special cases when needed, without having to change the default price.

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Survey Statistics

What is the symptoms survey and how does it work?

Symptoms survey is a form containing a variety of medical symptoms which can indicate a health concern. Those symptoms are organized in a list of groups, linked to a specific area of the body. For some of these groups, there are multiple subgroups that hold a specific list of symptoms.

Filling Survey Symptoms

Each group/subgroup represents a specific category with specific list of symptoms. The group/subgroup might be related to a certain body system or have its own special criteria for putting certain symptoms together. Each symptom has a potential answer from a predefined list of answers (No Response, None, Mild, Medium and Severe). Each one of these answers has a certain numeric value that can change from one symptom to another, depending on the type of that symptom and how important it is.

Group Image And Description

The result of answering a set of symptoms in a certain group/subgroup is a total score. Along with group score, comes a percentage of the total score from the maximum possible score for that group/subgroup. This total percentage, along with a visual representation of the percentage of a certain symptom answer, gives us an idea of the overall condition of that group/subgroup. It also gives an indication of the critical concern compared to other groups/subgroups and what effect it has on the client’s overall health.

After doing the automated analysis of the survey, all groups/subgroups are sorted out in a list from the group/subgroup, with the highest percentage at the top to the one with the lowest at the bottom. This gives you an idea on the most critical group. In addition to the analysis, a recommended a list of supplements to address your client’s symptoms will appear.

Nutrition Recommendation - Supplements Selection

The supplements suggested are recommended as best for your client, but you have the option of customizing your own list for your client.

Add supplement to nutrition Gif

Following to the product recommendation that you offer your client, you can either continue working with them on product schedule, determining a protocol every 6 or 8 weeks for example, or send them Part 2 survey to complete. Part 2 helps to address the root causes related to genetic issues, musculoskeletal, heavy metals/chemicals and emotional concerns.

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How to create a survey for your client?

Creating a survey copy for your client is very simple and for new registered clients it is something that happens automatically, right after your client sign up, our system will create them survey copy and send them an email about it, this way they will have the chance of exploring the survey and looking a the symptoms.

Your client can have one survey in progress at a time, when their survey is done, you can create them another one by following these steps:

Create Client Survey From Card View Gif

  • Go to PhysiciansHR
  • Sign in with your account details.
  • In the menu on the left side, click on “Clients”
  • Go to the card of the client that you want to create a survey for and click on the card top right corner that has 3 diagonal lines in it, the card will flip on its back, click on the circular button with a plus in it called “Survey”, a menu will show up giving you the option to create survey Part 1 or Part 2, choose the one you prefer and a survey will be created for your client and they will be notified about it.

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