At PhysiciansHR we aim to provide the best services to our customers, this requires constant enhancements and upgrades to the features that we offer and to the overall platform for our customers as well as their clients.

To help expand and enhance PhysiciansHR we integrated the concept of plans/offers to allow providing different options for different types of customers who would like to benefit from our services.

During registration clinics can select their preferred plan for joining the platform, different plans offer different set of features and options, there is also the trial option where clinics can try our services for a limited period of time for free. In addition to the current plans, we offer custom subscriptions where clinics can contact us to discuss any special requirements they have and we will be more than happy to help them customize a suitable offer.

After registration is done, clinics will have their subscription with its options and benefits, we also offer upgrades and downgrades to help match the changing needs of our customers as they use the platform. Moving forward, existing clinics can benefit from future updates and features that will automatically be added to their existing subscription.

The use of subscriptions allows us to better satisfy the requirements of our customers, expand PhysiciansHR with more options and features and help our customers provide better services for their clients.