Subscriptions at PhysiciansHR are monthly based, whether its a free trial or a paid subscription their period is set by months. Free trial plan is fixed for one month however other paid plans are open to the selection of the customers as they sign up.

Clinic Subscription

During registration users can specify how many months they would like to be committed to a certain subscription, at that period no additional charges are required to keep their subscription available, they will also continue to receive new features and upgrades for free as long as they are subscribed.

Plans are subject to pricing changes as they expand to include more options and features, however all existing clinics subscribed to those plans will continue to benefit from all these updates without any additional charges.

Since subscriptions are limited by a monthly selected period, they are going to expire at the end of it. Clinics will be notified ahead of time before their subscription expiry, they will also be notified again when their subscription finally expires. Upon expiry of a subscription, clinics are given the choice to renew their subscription for one time for one month based on the original price of the plan they were subscribed to.

Once the renewed subscription expires, clinics can subscribe to the same plan again based on its current price or they can choose to upgrade or downgrade to other plans if they prefer, during the time a subscription is expired, clinics can still benefit from the free features of PhysiciansHR, other paid features will either be disabled or limited until the subscription is activated again.